We're getting close...you can smell the onion grass.  The days are getting warmer, the sun is hanging around a little bit longer, and the dandelions are painting a pretty picture everywhere you look.  Soon it will be time to get your summertime on!

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Winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award! 

I first stumbled across the Parents' Choice Awards over 21 years ago, way back when I used to sing corny songs to Jesse who is now graduating college!   I finally got around to submitting some of my music to the Parents's Choice Awards, and I'm happy to share that Get Your Summertime On received a Parents' Choice Recommended Award!  I feel really honored as I have discovered some of my favorite kids artists through this contest.  Their music has been the sound track for many family adventures.  It's my hope the Get Your Summertime On will accompany your family through the best months of the year.

You can read the review of Get Your Summertime On by clicking on this link.

Parents' Choice Awards review of Get Your Summertime On!

20th Annual New England Song Writing Competition 

Just got back from our trip up to Cape Cod where I had the opportunity to perform Tree by a Rolling River for a friendly and enthusiastic crowd.    The Eventide Theatre Company hosted a great event, complete with drinks, snacks, and great original music.  It was such a treat to listen to musicians from all over the East Coast.   While most of the performers were from the New England area, one was from Kentucky, and two traveled up from Florida!   

We got really lucky and found a beach house that was right on the ocean, and I mean right on the ocean, at high tide the waves were actually lapping up against the steps.  

We got to explore a little the next day.   The area seems almost untouched by time, with many scrub pines, and views of the water always within eye shot.   Most of the houses are traditional capes or ranches, clad in cedar shakes.   Although we didn't have time to bike, there were lots of trails to explore.

We had the most amazing breakfast at a family owned restaurant called Red Cottage Restaurant.   My son claims it was the best breakfast ever, and I have to agree, especially the applewood Canadian bacon.

The best part was that the organizers of the show treated us like honored guests.  Sue and Monica made sure I had everything I needed to perform.  They even invited us out afterwards and gave us advice on where to eat breakfast the next day.

If you haven't written a song.  Please write one so you can be a part of this great event.  If not, just go the the performance next year.



Winter in Dandelion Creek 

Right now as I am typing, the icy winds are blowing fresh snow across my horse pasture and whipping it against the barn.  So it does snow in Dandelion Creek.   But you're probably wondering, where, or even -  what is Dandelion Creek?   Well, pull up a chair and I'll tell you what I know.  

Dandelion Creek isn't a real town, but it could have been any of hundreds of little towns that sprung up across this great country.  Dandelion Creek is a place where kids play outside most of the time.  They climb trees, catch toads, play hide and seek in the tall grass, and when night falls, they chase fire flies and count the stars.  In Dandelion Creek, kids pick wild berries for snacks, make their own fishing poles, and build rafts out of logs.  Parents work hard, but they either work on the farm, at home, or in town, so there is plenty of time to share their time and some of their hard earned wisdom with their kids and neighbors.  

Speaking of neighbors, I'm one of um.  I live in a little farm house we built from the timber we harvested from the forest, and the stone that my plow would turn up every spring.  My wife and I have 3 kids, but they're a little older now, so when I can I like to take time to play guitar and sing with the kids and even the old folks in our town.

Our band is named after out town, Dandelion Creek.  Right now it's just me, and I guess Tilby, although he's in his own small town way across the country and probably wont be hiking to Dandelion Creek anytime soon.    But, music is meant to be shared, so I've got some good friends who will be joining me in the Dandelion Creek band in good time.

Oh, as far as time goes, well, in Dandelion Creek, we aren't in any rush.  We just kinda roll with the easy rhythm of the seasons.  There's always time to play fetch with the dog, rock on a porch swing, go fishing, or tell a story.

We'll, the fires startin' to go out so I think I better go fetch some wood.  



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Tree by a Rolling River

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TREE BY A ROLLING RIVER is a fun, folksy, interactive song that will get kids dancing, acting and singing along. It is part of Dandelion Creek's GET YOUR SUMMERTIME ON collection that will be released when it warms up a bit.

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