Born and raised in New Jersey, Chris Pedersen of Dandelion Creek spent most of his boyhood outdoors, building forts, climbing trees and exploring.  Now, with the help of his equally adventurous and very talented friends, he writes and performs family friendly music -  music that captures that same spirit of fun and adventure that compels children of every generation to walk barefoot in the mud, splash in puddles, and chase fireflies. 

In keeping with that fun, carefree spirit of adventure, Dandelion Creek collaborated with renowned studio musician and producer Ryan Tilby, to create "Takin’ Summer With Me", an album that celebrates friendship, family, and summer, while encouraging kids to use their imaginations, move, sing along and get outdoors!  The songs have a fun folksy, country rock feel, and feature all the instruments kids love to hear, such as guitars, banjos, mandolins and even the dobro! 

Whether the event be a campfire sing along, a reading celebration at your local library, a theme based show at school, or even a barbecue or party at your home, you can expect kids and grownups alike to be laughing, singing and moving along to the original and traditional music of Dandelion Creek.