20th Annual New England Song Writing Competition

Just got back from our trip up to Cape Cod where I had the opportunity to perform Tree by a Rolling River for a friendly and enthusiastic crowd.    The Eventide Theatre Company hosted a great event, complete with drinks, snacks, and great original music.  It was such a treat to listen to musicians from all over the East Coast.   While most of the performers were from the New England area, one was from Kentucky, and two traveled up from Florida!   

We got really lucky and found a beach house that was right on the ocean, and I mean right on the ocean, at high tide the waves were actually lapping up against the steps.  

We got to explore a little the next day.   The area seems almost untouched by time, with many scrub pines, and views of the water always within eye shot.   Most of the houses are traditional capes or ranches, clad in cedar shakes.   Although we didn't have time to bike, there were lots of trails to explore.

We had the most amazing breakfast at a family owned restaurant called Red Cottage Restaurant.   My son claims it was the best breakfast ever, and I have to agree, especially the applewood Canadian bacon.

The best part was that the organizers of the show treated us like honored guests.  Sue and Monica made sure I had everything I needed to perform.  They even invited us out afterwards and gave us advice on where to eat breakfast the next day.

If you haven't written a song.  Please write one so you can be a part of this great event.  If not, just go the the performance next year.



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